Spike Lee to Rally for Colin Kaepernick at NFL HQ

United We Stand? Shouldn’t ya’ll be kneeling??? Hey Spike! What do you think you are honestly going to accomplish?
The NFL could give a damn about you or Kaepernick.

Spike Lee is clearly fed up that Colin Kaepernick is unemployed — and now he’s going to bat for the QB. 

The legendary director of movies like “Do the Right Thing,” “Jungle Fever” and “Malcolm X” is taking part in an event called, “United We Stand. Rally for Colin Kaepernick.”

It’s all going down on Wednesday, August 23 in front of NFL Headquarters in NY. Multiple organizations are on board — including the Justice League NYC and the Empowerment Movement. 

The Justice League is the same organization that made the “I Can’t Breathe” shirts that a bunch of athletes wore in the wake of the Eric Garner killing.

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