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Sen. Rand Paul’s Injuries Worse Than Originally Thought — ‘Can Be Life-Threatening’

Republican politicians have become open season for crazed Democrats. I haven’t heard one Democrat come out and condemn this violence. NOT ONE!!!

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) was attacked at his Bowling Green, Kentucky, home on Friday and the full extent of his injures are just being revealed.

What are they?

Reports initially indicated that Paul had only received minor injuries. However, a top Paul strategist confirmed Sunday the injuries are more than just minor: they include five fractured ribs.

According to Doug Stafford, Paul’s chief political strategist, the junior Kentucky senator is in a great deal of pain.

“Senator Paul has five rib fractures including three displaced fractures. This type of injury is caused by high velocity severe force. It is not clear exactly how soon he will return to work, as the pain is considerable as is the difficulty in getting around, including flying,” Stafford said in a statement Sunday, according to Politico.

“Displaced rib fractures can lead to life-threatening injuries such as: hemopneumothorax, pneumothorax, pneumonia, internal bleeding, laceration of internal organs and lung contusions. Senator Paul does have lung contusions currently. This type of injury is also accompanied by severe pain that can last weeks to months,” he added.

“Senator Paul and Kelley appreciate everyone’s thoughts and well wishes and he will be back fighting for liberty in the Senate soon,” Stafford said.

What about the assailant?

Paul’s neighbor, 59-year-old Rene Boucher, was arrested Friday evening for the assault. He was arrested for fourth-degree assault and has since been released on bail. Paul was mowing his grass at the time of the assault.

The FBI has said there were political motivations behind the assault, though it would be unusual since the two live in the same gated community.

Boucher could spent up to 12 months in jail for the assault charge. However, he could be charged with additional crimes given the extent of Paul’s injuries.

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When I came out of my Momma’s womb Democrat WASN’T stamped on my forehead.

Dan Adams
When I came out of my Momma's womb Democrat WASN'T stamped on my forehead.

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