Poll: 56 Percent Disapprove FBI’s Decision Not to Charge Clinton

With it being over 50% there were some Democrats who disapproved so maybe there is some hope for those on the Left.33e35bc8-7299-48cb-905d-5c94be74f681
Majority of Americans do not approve of the FBI’s decision not to charge Hillary Clinton over her handling of emails during her tenure as secretary of state, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll released Monday. 

Among the results in the poll of 519 adults on July 6 and 7:  

  • 56 percent disapprove of FBI’s decision not to charge Clinton;
  • 35 percent approve of the FBI’s decision not to charge Clinton.

Follow-up questions in the poll found that many are worried about how the former secretary of state would perform if elected president:

  • 57 percent say they’re worried about how Clinton would perform as president.
  • 39 percent say they’re not worried.

Most voters think the FBI’s decision made no difference in the likelihood that they would support Clinton:

  • 58 percent say the outcome made no difference;
  • 28 percent say they were less likely to vote for Clinton based on the outcome;
  • 10 percent say they were more likely to vote for her based on the outcome.

Breaking down the results by party lines, almost nine out of 10 Republicans disapprove of the FBI’s decision not to charge Clinton, while 3 out of 10 Democrats did not like the FBI’s decision.

Sixty percent of independent voters sided with Republicans, saying they disapproved of the FBI’s decision. 

While 75 percent of Democrats said the email controversy does not make a difference in their support of Clinton. Forty-five percent of Republicans believe the issue does not make a difference to their vote, which likely means they were not going to vote for Clinton, regardless of the email issue.

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