Pat Boone – Obama Is ‘More Muslim Than Christian’

Seriously.  After 7+ years of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA doing everything but admitting that he is a Muslim we have Pat Boone coming out and pointing out the obvious. Why are people so afraid to speak the truth? Why didn’t Obama come out in 1997 when his political career started and say that he is a Muslim?? He holds Islam in such high regard, why not??? America was ready to vote a “black man” into the White House. Not a “Muslim”.

President Barack Obama is a Muslim and celebrates Islamic holy days in the White House, said actor Pat Boone.

Boone, a singer, actor, and TV host who appears in the recent film “God’s Not Dead 2,” said Obama is not the Christian he claims to be.

“He said during [his 2008 presidential] campaign, the sweetest sound in his memory is the Muslim call to prayer,” Boone said. “He does make a perfunctory appearance at the presidential prayer breakfast, and he will come to a black funeral after one of these killings like Orlando, but he celebrates Ramadan in the White House.

“He is, I’m afraid, more Muslim than Christian. And he is certainly more protective of anything relating to Islam than he is anything relating to Christianity.”

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