Obama Confronted About Gun Laws and his HomeTown Chicago on PBS

I applaud this gentleman for actually having the guts to ask this question. I know Obama and his Leftist minions were hoping to dodge a question like this. Once again his answer and nothing but fluff and conjecture. Watch video below.


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One thought on “Obama Confronted About Gun Laws and his HomeTown Chicago on PBS

  1. It’s about time people realized the real problem and stop blaming inanimate objects. In other countries where guns and ammo are far too expensive they simply use machetes or spears. Not to mention throughout history more people have been killed with swords and arrows than guns by far. The craziest part about it is begging the government to regulate and control guns when they were the first ones to commit a school shooting in American history. How quickly we’ve forgetting the mass shooting by the National Guard on American STUDENTS less than 50 years ago. Watch the video for yourself of the first school shooting in American history.

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