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Liberal Group Calls for Voting Changes That Coincidentally Get Rid of Overseas Military Electronic Ballots

Why am I not surprised?

A group connected to former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is calling for not counting some military ballots — just in time for the 2018 midterm elections.

The Washington Times reports that the Center for American Progress, “after years of accusing states of ‘voter suppression’ … wants to make it tougher for overseas military to vote in the name of election security.”

The group, run by Clinton insider John Podesta and funded in part by George Soros, works to “educate” the public on “progressive ideas.”

The group wants to put an end to any voting “electronically via email,fax, or web portal,” as it claims it’s “risky” because “there [is] no way for absentee voters to know whether the votes they cast are being accurately recorded.”

Business Insider reports that more than 22 states allow military personnel to vote electronically because they may not have access to mail services.

The Times reported that Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams, a Republican, sees a political motive behind the move.

“They don’t believe someone who works on a submarine should be allowed to vote. We do,” he said.

“[The Center for American Progress] wants to make it easier for felons and criminals to vote, but wants to make it harder for fighting men and women overseas,” said J. Christian Adams, a former Department of Justice lawyer who now runs the Election Law Center, a conservative organization that focuses on voter fraud.

The Center for American Progress graded each state on ballot security. No state received an “A.”

Oregon, a vote-by-mail state with a history of voter fraud, was given a “B.”

Colorado Peak Politics thought the liberal group was being partisan with its recommendation that types of military voting be stopped, saying: “Perhaps they think that Navy SEALS can swim ballots ashore, hand them off to Army paratroopers who can parachute into Colorado to drop off the ballots?”

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When I came out of my Momma’s womb Democrat WASN’T stamped on my forehead.

Dan Adams
When I came out of my Momma's womb Democrat WASN'T stamped on my forehead.

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