Kenya: Three Muslimahs wearing niqabs attack police station with knives and bombs

Coming to a neighborhood near you. The Enemy is in the White House people.
Jihadis worldwide marking 9/11 in their own unique way.

“JIHADI ATTACK Three women wearing niqabs shot dead by cops after pulling out knives and throwing petrol bombs at police station,” by Ellie Cambridge, The Sun, September 11, 2016 (thanks to Lookmann):

THREE women have been killed after they attacked a police station.

They were shot by police after one of them threw a petrol bomb at officers while another pulled out a knife.

Two policeman were wounded in the attack in the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa.

The women were wearing niqabs when they arrived at the central police station to report a stolen phone at about 10.30am.

Mobasa police chief Parterson Maelo said: “While the officers were questioning them about the particulars of the stolen phone one of them drew a knife and another threw a petrol bomb at the officers of the report office.”

In the attack the three women were shot by police….

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