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FoxNews: #OnlyGenitaliaReallyMatters

I loved my Mother more than I can possibly explain. My Mother was all about being honest and telling the truth. If she happened to run for President and for whatever reason I felt she wasn’t qualified she would want me to tell her THE TRUTH. Me and left nut doesn’t give a damn that Hillary Clinton is a woman and is running for President. All of you on the Left can go ahead and call me a sexist or whatever. Hillary Clinton is the personification of PURE EVIL. Besides her not being qualified to be President the sheer fact that she is the seed of the Devil completely disqualifies her to be President. I could continue but that last sentence sums it all up for me…


Watch for the headline, ‘Hillary has made history.  Now it’s time for Bernie Sanders to help her win the White House’ to trend virally on in-the-tank-for-Hillary Facebook and Google.

This, (Heaven help us!) is a headline not originating from the Daily Beast, HuffPo or Grand Central Democrats. It does not come from the secret smudge pot of Elizabeth (Pocahontas)  Warren, but from the self-aggrandized ‘Fair and Balanced’ Fox News.

With America now in visible decline; its armed forces hollowed out by it own hate-inspired president,  over-run by undocumented ‘refugees’; with millions out of work but still having to feed families, and businesses being shuttered by day, Hillary Clinton wants us to believe she’s the tooth fairy, and the television network that holds Number One status in the Cable Television world is helping her spin that fairytale!


“To every little girl who dreams big: Yes, you can be anything you want – even president. Tonight is for you.”

“With that tweet, Hillary Clinton put the magnitude of the evening in perspective. And as a girl who was once small a very long time ago myself, Tuesday night, June 7, was about so much more than the news, writes Fox columnist, Jessica Tarlov, whose bio proclaims her a Ph.D. “Tuesday night’s victory was about history.”

For most every other little girl in America you can be anything you want with the conspicuous exception of privacy in your school bathroom, shower and locker.

There are no longer any “safe spaces” for little girls in America unless it’s the ones pre-arranged by progressives for snowflakes in college and university,  too über sensitive for the goings-on out in the real world.

“Yes, the Democratic Party got their nominee and we have confirmation that it will be Donald Trump facing off against Hillary Clinton in November. But what really matters here is that the United States has now joined just a few nations across the globe in offering the opportunity to pick a woman to be president. (FoxNews, June 8, 2016)

“I couldn’t be prouder.

“And I also couldn’t be more astounded at how little the magnitude of this feat has seemed to matter.”

America needs rescuing by virtue of brain power not genitalia

As for the last, Ms. Ph.D. got it right.

America needs rescuing by virtue of brain power not genitalia.

And listen to Fox News sob sister’s loud lament about Clinton not really getting what she really wanted last night.

“This is in no small part due to the fact that Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination for president Monday night with an Associated Press report that enough unpledged superdelegates had committed to Clinton to throw her over the 2,383 delegate threshold. That wasn’t how she wanted to win and you could tell in her voice that she knew that even though she had won, the evening would belong to Bernie Sanders who would continue to hammer on the “rigged system.” (NB: the system isn’t rigged when you’re over three million votes ahead).

It follows that, as is always the case for Clinton, that she has no time to waste in unifying the party behind her. This will be a challenge, especially as it doesn’t look like Bernie will go quietly into the night.

N.B: Whatever Karl Marx-spouting socialist has ever gone quietly into the night?

“But it’s a hardly insurmountable challenge – especially for the first female nominee for president of the United States.

“Pundits like to focus on the number of Sanders supporters who say they’ll back Trump in November if Clinton is the nominee. There have been polls showing that up to 20 percent of Sanders supporters are saying this. While meaningful, the conversation leaves out the fact that in 2008 up to 50 percent of Clinton supporters said they wouldn’t get behind Obama. And guess what? They did.

“Furthermore, Sanders supporters really don’t like Donald Trump. Polls over the last few months show that just six percent of his supporters felt positively about Trump compared to90 percent who have a negative view of him. Based on Trump’s recent attacks on federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel, I believe it’ll only get worse.”

“That isn’t to say that Clinton doesn’t have some major wooing to do. She does. And Bernie Sanders needs to play his part in unifying this party. That means he needs to stop going after Clinton with GOP attack lines and make good on his promise to help defeat the Republicans even if Clinton is the nominee. “

Bernie’s ruining Clinton’s chances of clinching the Democrat nomination is as fake as is ‘Crooked Hillary Clinton’

Tarlov must be really inside the heads of Sanders supporters to know they really don’t like Donald Trump.

And as for Clinton to “have some major wooing to do”, she’ll need to knock off the dog barking, coughing and screeching, which is not most voters’ idea of real “wooing”.

Even Donald Trump who says, he wants to bring Sanders supporters in out of the cold, gets it wrong this time.

They’re not blowing on their benumbed fingers out in the cold,  Mr. Trump, but raging on forever in socialist hell.

The loud outcry from the left that Bernie’s ruining Clinton’s chances of clinching the Democrat nomination is as fake as is ‘Crooked Hillary Clinton’.

Bernie Sanders has only ever been in the race to make it appear that Clinton had real competition—and even that she almost blew.

Sanders role at the Democrat National Convention will be to make a get-out-the-Kleenex concession speech at the end of which he will turn over his millennial supporters to the little girl who dreams big.

Meanwhile, beware of FoxNews who don’t see Election 2016 as the opportunity to Save America but one that nails sit for the little girls.

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When I came out of my Momma’s womb Democrat WASN’T stamped on my forehead.

Dan Adams
When I came out of my Momma's womb Democrat WASN'T stamped on my forehead.

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