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FBI: Oh, by the way, we just found 30 pages of information about the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting

Of course they do. We all know that there is way more than 30 pages.

What does the FBI know about the infamous tarmac meeting last year between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch? She was their boss at the time, after all. It sure looked like an attempt by the former president to influence the FBI’s investigation into his wife’s schlock, homebrew e-mail server – an investigation of which Lynch was the head as attorney general.

But the FBI has always claimed it had no documentation or information concerning the meeting, so when Freedom of Information Act requests were filed concerning the meeting, the answer was that there was no information to be provided.

Er, that is, until two months ago, when the FBI suddenly admitted that it may indeed have information that could be responsive to lawsuit by Judicial Watch demanding anything the government has on the meeting. Oh, but the FBI says it can’t turn the information over for six months:

The FBI originally informed Judicial Watch they did not locate any records related to the tarmac meeting.  However, in a related case, the Justice Department located emails in which Justice Department officials communicated with the FBI and wrote that they had communicated with the FBI.  As a result, by letter dated August 10, 2017, from the FBI stated, “Upon further review, we subsequently determined potentially responsive documents may exist. As a result, your [FOIA] request has been reopened…”

(Surprisingly, the Trump Justice Department refuses to disclose the talking points developed by the Obama Justice Department to help it respond to press inquiries about the controversial June 27, 2016, tarmac meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.)

On June 27, 2016, Attorney General Loretta Lynch met privately with former President Bill Clinton on board a parked private plane at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona. The meeting occurred during the then-ongoing investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s email server, and mere hours before the Benghazi report was released publicly involving both Mrs. Clinton and the Obama administration. Judicial Watch filed a request on June 30 that the U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General investigate that meeting.

“The FBI is out of control. It is stunning that the FBI ‘found’ these Clinton-Lynch tarmac records only after we caught the agency hiding them in another lawsuit,” stated Judicial Watch Tom Fitton. “Judicial Watch will continue to press for answers about the FBI’s document games in court. In the meantime, the FBI should stop the stonewall and release these new records immediately.”

This case has also forced the FBI to release to the public the FBI’s Clinton investigative file, although more than half of the records remain withheld.  The FBI has also told Judicial Watch that it anticipates completing the processing of these materials by July 2018.

The careerists at the FBI can’t stand President Trump

The question of why “the Trump Justice Department refuses to disclose the talking points” is easy enough to answer. The careerists at the FBI can’t stand President Trump, and they’re not going to do anything that’s politically advantageous to him if they can possibly help it. It’s the same reason they won’t disclose information about the infamous Trump dossier put together by Fusion GPS, and consisting of what appears to be nothing but false accusations that the FBI nevertheless took a great interest in during the Republican primary season last year.

Yes, President Trump is now their boss, as is Jeff Sessions, and yes, James Comey is long gone. But the FBI is as much a part of the anti-Trump deep state as anyone else in Washington.

But it doesn’t appear that the FBI is monolithic in this regard. You’ve apparently got someone working there who recognized that when these documents were discovered the FBI couldn’t just bury them. That would not only be illegal – and thus put the bureau in legal jeopardy of its own – but it would also not be the right thing to do considering that the FBI’s job is supposedly to uncover the truth regardless of what it is or who it helps or hurts.

So what is in these documents? Does it consist of something Lynch told the FBI about what Bill Clinton said to her on that tarmac? Does it document some form of pressure he put on her to back off the e-mail investigation? Does it contain information proving that Lynch was already undermining the investigation on orders from Barack Obama? Does it illustrate that Comey was under orders to let Hillary skate no matter what the investigation turned up?

And why does the FBI think it needs six months to release the information? What’s so complicated about it? We’re talking about 30 pages here, not thousands. I can’t wait to see if the judge in the case agrees that such a request is reasonable. It’s hard to imagine he one would.

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When I came out of my Momma's womb Democrat WASN'T stamped on my forehead.

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