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#BlackLivesMatter Planning Widespread Looting In Wake Of Hurricane Matthew

Really? The inmates or should I say IDIOTS are running the asylum.
Hurricane Matthew, the strongest and most destructive hurricane to hit the United States in decades, stands poised to strike the east coast and cause untold amounts of devastation and damage. But the terror and economic ruin caused by the hurricane looks to be only a start to the harm planned for law-abiding citizens in affected areas. An organized and planned effort is underway by chapters of the Black Lives Matters organization to engage in widespread looting and rioting in affected areas to “protest” the ongoing murder of black Americans by law enforcement officers.

Multiple Facebook event pages have been created with the sole intent of planning organized attacks of looting and rioting all across the east coast. On the pages are planned meeting times and instructions for protesters to engage in activities of looting and rioting, as well as rhetoric which justifies the attacks as being in service to the Black Lives Matters agenda. Organizers of the planned looting appear to be using the impending chaos and likely reduced efficiency of local law enforcement agencies caused by the hurricane to aid them in their attacks. As of this writing thousands of people have signaled their intent to join in on the “protest” attacks on each of the major Facebook event pages that were able to be identified.

Early reports indicate that the idea of orchestrated looting by the Black Lives Matter organization in the wake of Hurricane Matthew first appeared with the area of Miami, Florida, as its target. A Facebook BLM page (since either removed or made private) calling upon BLM protesters to loot in the Miami area garnered over 14,000 people who expressed their intent to join the planned attack. The idea quickly spread like wildfire up the east coast and the projected trajectory of the hurricane, with organized events springing up in dozens of locations comprising cities both large and small. The vast majority of the organization pages have currently been either taken down or made private. The goal of the Black lives Matters protesters calling for attacks appeared to instruct its members to keep the plans as secret as possible, but the existence of many of planning pages were leaked to local law enforcement agencies across the coast.

As of this articles writing there have been no reports of the planned looting on any of the major televised news networks. Speculation exists that a media blackout is in effect to prevent widespread panic, and to limit other individuals not already aware of the planned looting from joining. Unconfirmed reports suggest that several units of the national guard have been activated and placed on standby. More information will be provided and updated as it occurs.

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When I came out of my Momma’s womb Democrat WASN’T stamped on my forehead.

Dan Adams
When I came out of my Momma's womb Democrat WASN'T stamped on my forehead.

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