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#BlackLivesMatter leader hit with restraining order after threatening LA Police Official

And this is helping out the “movement” how??? Hopefully in 2017 we can wipe our butts with this nonsense and this group and flush it down the toilet.
In fairness, one guy does not an entire movement make. The restraining order that requires Gerard to stay at least 100 yards away from Commissioner Johnson is about Gerard’s personal behavior, and not about any official actions or positions taken by BLM. If you want to argue that Gerard’s attitude is not typical of BLM’s overall attitude toward the police, give it your best.

But if BLM really wants to make the case this is not what it’s all about, they would probably help themselves a lot if they would publicly condemn this sort of nonsense:

Johnson said in court papers that he had been stalked and threatened by the Black Lives Matter leader. He charged that at various board meetings Gerard had mouthed threats, including “I am going to beat your a—” and “I am going to f———kill you.”

The official said that in recent weeks Gerard went looking for him at his private law office and family home. Johnson said police detained Gerard in front of his house.

“The conduct and threats by [Gerard] put me in fear of harm to myself, my family and my co-workers when [he] is near,” Johnson says in a court declaration accompanying the restraining order request.

The temporary restraining order signed by a judge does not allow Gerard to get within 100 yards of Johnson, his wife and children, and his law partner, except at police commission meetings. There the restriction is five yards. Gerard could be arrested if he ignores the restrictions.

A lawyer for the City of Los Angeles applied for the restraining order on Dec. 19, the day after Gerard paid the unwelcome visit to Johnson’s home. The police commission is the LAPD’s civilian oversight board.

Defenders of BLM will have to start by explaining how a guy like this could possibly end up in a leadership position within the organization. From there, they could bring out other leaders who could assure the public that they really don’t hate police officials, don’t consider them uniformly racist and don’t wish them harm.

Black Lives Matter leader hit with restraining order after threatening LA police official

But does anyone seriously think that’s going to happen? Of course not. Because BLM does hate police, does think they’re all racists, and does want harm done to them. Whether this is because they’re credulously lapping up what the media tell them or because they came to the matter pre-radicalized is beside the point. I do think, though (and I’ve said it here before), that the media’s determination to alert on the racial angle of every police-related story – regardless of whether it’s actually pertinent to what happened – only feeds the anger of people like Gerard.

The response to this from the left is usually that we have to be “willing to talk about race.” Fine. Let’s talk. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us just sit here silently while a few left-wing activists lecture the rest of us. It means everyone is heard, and it also means that you don’t have to fear harm or marginalization if you choose to express something that the self-appointed leaders of the conversation don’t want to hear.

So we’ll start with this: Everything that happens involving black people and white people is not necessarily a story about race. Before you insist on leading with “white man did this” or “black man did that,” be sure the race of the people involved actually played a role. If it didn’t, but you insist on alerting on race anyway, then you’re the one making everything about race even when it really isn’t.

And that’s the sort of nonsense that gives rise to radicalism from the likes of BLM. The problem with “Black Lives Matter” is not the statement itself. It’s a simple truism. The problem is their conviction that you and I don’t think it’s true, and since nothing we do or say will convince them that we do think it’s true, they believe they’re justified in using absolutely any tactic to make their point. That’s how police officials end up being stalked and threatened. Because for a guy like Gerard, no tactic is beyond the pale.

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When I came out of my Momma's womb Democrat WASN'T stamped on my forehead.

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